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We pride ourselves in providing high quality and innovative physiotherapy services to you, your family and work colleagues.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Often leading up to surgery our normal levels of activity may have been compromised for some time, so we lose strength, flexibility and endurance outside the effect of the surgery.

Prehabilitation before surgery can help get the best result from joint surgery; this involves maximizing strength and joint range of motion, producing a speedy recovery post surgery. This may be done by modification of normal activity to less weight bearing for example biking rather than running or walking, pool based exercise rather than land based and using various forms of exercise assistance.

Rehabilitation post surgery involves the same process of modified loading in line with the particular post surgical protocol.

Pain Management

Pain is our bodies warning system – it makes us hyper-vigilant, encouraging us to guard the injured part to avoid further damage and allow healing to take place. Unfortunately at times our nervous system becomes extra sensitive to normal stimulus which is not injurious. This can happen at the local level of injury, along the track of nerves to that area or centrally in our brain, we can help with identification of the problem and with various techniques to reduce the level of sensitivity and returning you to your normal level of activity.

This sensitization can occur after injury, surgery or as a consequence of arthritic joint wear and tear.

Sports Injuries

Recreational and sports injuries may not impede our daily function but prevent us from doing the activities we enjoy, subsequently our health may be compromised by reduced levels of fitness and increased levels of stress.

Early accurate diagnosis of the injury and the factors which led to it are important for its speedy resolution, return to participation and to prevent recurrence. Causes may be due to direct trauma, over training, poor technique or inappropriate loads for the level of fitness or ability.

General Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy Associates provides accurate assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems with appropriate investigation and referral when required.

We can assist you to return to your normal levels of activity after spinal injuries, joint sprains and strains, occupational and sports injuries.

We can help you improve and maintain function if you suffer from osteoarthritis or have had or are about to have joint replacement surgery. Conditions such as headache, vertigo, TMJ (jaw) pain can also be helped.

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